The Universe of 69 Worlds, often reffered to as just The Universe, is the fictional Universe in which the Insane Quest of Unfathomable Randomness takes place in. As the name implies, the Universe has a total of 69 "worlds", most of which are planets. These 69 worlds are connected by "intergalactic highways" that can be anything from spinning vortexes, to starry expanses, to endless skies.

Every article on this wiki, by default, concerns a piece of the lore of the Universe of 69 Worlds and it's denizens.

Known WorldsEdit

  • Japan
  • Kingdom of Smelly Grapefruit
  • Hyrule
  • Planet Suda
  • Hell
  • Luna's Homeworld
  • Infinite Trophy Case
  • Dinotroxia
  • Forksylvania
  • Planet of Blobs
  • Some old kingdom
  • Wars World


Most beings within the Universe are aware of the existence of the intergalactic highways and of the other planets, creating a sort of "universal village." it is implied that the Internet is accessible by the denizens of the Universe in most places, meaning that it is easy for them to communicate.

Natural FeaturesEdit

Intergalactic highways

Types of WorldsEdit


The most common type of world, these make up the majoirty of the 69 worlds. Planets are, quite obviously, just planets. They are round, sperical bodies that float within the confines of "space." Most of them are smaller than the real-world Earth. The planets are all connected by the intergalactic highways and most can be accessed without HAX.


"Flats", as they are called, are just like your everyday planet...except that they aren't true planet, because they aren't spherical and just a floating island or discworld the has gravity in one direction: down. The onyl flatworld to have been visited so far is Japan.


Realms are different from planets it that they do not physically exist within the Universe of 69 Worlds (or perhaps they are, but extremely well hidden.) Realms exist within a Hammerspace, and cannot be accessed the traditional way. (The only way to get to Hell is to die, and Frost's Infinite Trophy Case can only be accessed via a portal opened by Frost himself.) The reason for this is because 1), Realms are not planets, and usually stretch about and connect in a very unusual way, and 2), they are usually incredibly huge to the point of being unable to resonably fit alongside the other worlds.