The Wafflesworth Family is an old and prestigious family. Famous for their grandiose names and brilliant minds, they are, at present, not as affluent as they once were. However, they do still have their mansion, Wafflesworth Manor .


The Wafflesworth family first rose to power when Deuteronomy Wafflesworth was awarded a large fief of land and a fortune in gold from the local king. As this wealth and status passed from generation to generation, it multiplied with each heir, and each head of the family had more money than the last. One day, however, the family's then-current head decided to spend his entire fortune on a fancy house in Manorspace , heavily depleting their monetary reserves. And thus is how Smoosh finds the Wafflesworth family.


Important MembersEdit

Minor MembersEdit

  • Balthasar Wafflesworth
  • Armando Wafflesworth
  • Australian ancestor

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