Two thousand years prior to the events that take place in the Insane Quest, another group of mercenaries by the name of Smoosh exsited under the command of Nintendoki. Not much is known about this "original" Smoosh, except that they were much more ruthless than the Smoosh we know of today, as flashbacks depict them laying waste to Luna's Kingdom to locate the items on the first list created by Nintendoki.

Through a currently unknown series of events, the members of the original Smoosh were somehow exiled from The Universe before they were able to obtain the final item on Nintendoki's List: The Miracle Thread. Despite the fact that 2000 years have passed since then, the original Smoosh members evidently have not aged at all, likely because time flows differently in whatever universe(s) they are currently living in. Using the reality-warping power of HAX, Nintendoki is capable of bringing these members back to the Universe of the 69 Worlds, but only for a limited amount of time.

For reasons unknown, Nintendoki is bent on keeping the existance of the Original Smoosh a secret from the current one, and worries that Luna may be close to solving this mystery.


It is not known how many members the original Smoosh consisted of, but so far a total of three members have been identified:


  • Because Luna's flashbacks depict both previous encounters with Sola Soulhawk and the original Smoosh, this seems to imply that Luna and Sola are in fact both over 2000 years old. However, it is possible that some sort of magical or technological phenomenon is responisble for the two cosuins to currently be living in the present day.
  • Also, due to the fact that Luna's memories from that time are foggy at best, it is also possible that Luna suffered from some sort of amnesia prior to joining Smoosh, and she may not even remember living back then.