The S.S. Bazooka, later renamd the S.S. LUNASUX and finally the S.S. HOARISAWHORE was a small flying airship/fraternity house and vessel of Nintendoki's. It was captained by Hoar.

The S.S. Bazooka served as the first setting for the story, when the four heroes used it as their method of transportation to Japan. It was not seen again until Chapter II when Hoar flew the ship through the path between Japan and Dinotroxia to pick up the heroes, which Hoar had renamed the 'S.S. LUNASUX.' (Ace, in rebuttal, himself renamed the 'S.S. HOARISAWHORE.) The ship flew alongside Appa for a short time.

Shortly afterwards,It was destroyed forever when it was attacked by Lupez's KreamKken.

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