Nintendoki as drawn by ???

, also known by the titles Master of the Dimension of Q, 2nd Best D-League Yu-Gi-Oh Player, Queen of the Male Girls, Conqueror of Klondike, Fuhrer of the Fourth Reich, Co-Founder of Playguy, and Dealer of the Purple Cards, is a deity as well as the founder and leader of Smoosh.

Nintendoki has been shown to be one of the most powerful characters in the roleplay, wielding a ridiculous amount of power. He has shown he can instantly warp to any part of the Universe, summon lightning bolts, control minds, fly, float, create storms, raise his voice to insane magnitudes, summon anything, live forever, and a wide variety of Godly powers.

Nintendoki has a list of items he wishes to have and will do anything to get them. Being lazy, Nintendoki created Smoosh to seek out the items; thus initiating the events of the roleplay itself.


Nintendoki is loud, arrogant, boastful, impatient, short-tempered, and ruthless. Nintendoki seems to display no care whatsoever for what happens to his servants, as long as they find the items on his list, and he will become angry at them if they do not find them quickly. Nintendoki is constantly bragging about how awesome he is, being a God, and never lets down an opportunity to inform people just how weak and mortal they are.

Nintendoki is incredibly greedy, and will go to any length to obtain what is on his list. In Chapter I, he ordered Smoosh to use a chainsaw to amputate Luna's legs so he could get her socks, and a flashback by the same character indicates he's willing to pillage entire cities to get what he wants.

Nintendoki also has a strong love for anime, particularly Lucky Star and Kiss x sis. He shares this interest with Luna.


Nintendoki's name is an obvious reference to the gaming company Nintendo. This is reflected in the fact that his arch-enemy, Segami, is named after Sega, as well as in his invention, the Nintendoki DS.


-GM Note: Nintendoki was originally just some weird guy who thought of himself as God, but I ultimately decided it'd be more amusing if he WAS a God.

-His appearance is censored because he's TOO EPIC FOR MORTALS TO EVEN COMPREHEND IN IMAGE FORM.

-The current logo for Insane Quest Wiki was Nintendoki's script avatar, up until the script format was abandoned.