Nightglide is a recent addition to Smoosh's roster. An android of unknown origins, Nightglide first encountered Smoosh while inside Frost's Infinite Trophy Case.


Not much of Nightglide's past is known at this moment. She was presumably an organic creature at one point (most likely human) before being converted into a robot. After that, her newly-computerized brain was infected by a virus, deleting most of her memory files. As a result, Nightglide has no memory of her past life.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Nightglide's hands and feet have the ability to transform into a variety of different weapons, including energy swords, claws, lasers, and the like. It is also implied that she can fly short differences via anti-gravity boosters.


Due to being an android, Nightglide is often displays a rather stoic personality. She seems to be having a difficult time trying to comprehend the bizarre nature of the quest she is now a part of, as well as certain aspects of being human, such as parents. Despite this, however, she still appears to care for her pet bird-dragon, Sam.