It smells f***ing bad.

The Kingdom of Smelly Grapefruit is one of the many worlds in the Universe, and the second Smoosh visits.

It is inhabited primarily by ninjas.



In the culture of the Kingdom of Smelly Grapefruit, a majority of the inhabitants become ninjas for some reason. As such, pirates are the object of much scorn and hatred by it's people.

The Kingdom of Smelly Grapefruit also has strange etiquette. People here say "hello" by delivering a kick to the crotch, and say "goodbye" by French kissing. If one does not follow these customs, it is considered rude and is extremely offensive.

Notable NPC'sEdit

List Items Collected Here: Edit

  • The scale of a Sharkhorn Dragon.


-it is the only completely original world created by Snow himself so far

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