Implied Worlds are worlds in the Universe that have not yet been visited (and may never be visited) that, in one way or another, are confirmed to exist.

List of Implied WorldsEdit

Luna's Homeworld (true name unknown)


In Chapter I, Link asked Smoosh to go with him to his world, Hyrule, to help him defeat Ganon; however, they opted to go to Luna's world instead.


In between Chapter I and II, Nintendoki ordered Smoosh to make their way to Dinotroxia, as one of the items on his list was there. However they were thrown off course when they decided to go with Wyu.

Nintendoki's World (true name unknown)

It has been implied by Nintendoki that he has his own personal world.

World 42

In Chapter I, World 42 was apparently destroyed by a nuke which was strong enough to give Smoosh nuclear powers. Frost's Infinite Trophy Case filled the void it left.

World 43

In Chapter V, World 43 was also apprantly destroyed by a nuke, powerful enough to give Smoosh the ability to use hammerspace.

Mortal's Home Planet (AKA Planet of Blobs)

Home to Mortal, this place looks blue when you see it in space. However, it is very green. This is where Mortal and his people grow up before leaving in adulthood. Mortal was prince of this planet.


The homeworld of Eddie Cohen and Sarah Belfry. Not much is known about the world, except that it is cloaked in perpetual twilight and that the humans and vampires of that world are currently the opposing sides of a civil war.

Ye Olde Kingdome

The kingdom that Rustynuts hails from. It has since been dissolved after the king made some bad choices with his money. Land there currently costs $-20/acre...They'll pay YOU to take it.

Wars World

Jack's home world(possibly). And the world which all the Advance Wars games take place in. (Except Days of Ruin)


This world has been mentioned a couple of times, most recently by Jack Sparrow.

Mushroom Kingdom

Jack Sparrow mentioned that Shooting Star Summit in the Mushroom Kingdom is a great place to take a woman.

Metro-Paramus city

A neon post-Cyberpunk town, that Lori grew up from. That looks like a cross of Tron and Blade Runner. Latley the city has become a overun dystopia(Or, always has been), since the poilce force has been on strike.(By a crime boss which the a computer is leader.) It has modern day look, but everything looks neon and looks like it was taken from Tomorrowland.