"Edmund" is the name of Eddie Cohen's split personality, created by Eddie's pent-up anger and frustration combined with the traumatic effect of seeing his teammate Nico killed before his eyes. (At least, that's what he thinks. In reality, Edmund's origins are a little more complicated than that...) Eddie now transforms into Edmund whenever he is under a great deal of stress, or if he smells blood.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Appearance-wise, Edmund looks very much like Eddie, only with bright red eyes, large, batlike wings, and an almost-permanent grin on his face, displaying his razor sharp teeth.

While Eddie is quiet, strategic, and cowardly, Edmund is a loud, boisterous and hot-headed psychopath thatlives for violence and bloodshed, not caring if his teammates get hurt in the process. While dormant inside Eddie's head, Edmund often makes cynical jokes at Eddie's expense, trying to make him angry enough to let him out.

Abilities Edit

Due to having a pair of wings, Edmund is able to fly, giving him an advantage in certain areas. He also has superhuman strength and enhanced stamina, allowing him to tear apart enemies with his bare hands. Edmund's weakness, however, is probably his inability to think things through rationally and instead simply tries to smash his way through all obstacles, which could prove to be problematic if he were to ever come accross something too strong for him to simply overpower.

Character ThemeEdit

Guren lagann battle theme

Guren lagann battle theme

TCG Card TextEdit

Vampire - Super - Smoosh ♂

Bonus: 2

Sexiness Cost: 4


Base: Eddie Cohen

(Extra) Cost: 6 Blood Tokens

Limit 5


Trivia Edit

  • Edmund's name and personality could be based on the depiction of Marik's alter ego, Melvin, from Yugioh the Abridged Series.
  • The cause of Edmund's origins and his connections to Eddie will be further explored later on in the story.