Cotton Buddy (or Meshi) is the pet of Mortal. Introduced in Chapter V, this little ball of Cotton follows Mortal around. He used to be part of a monster made of Cotton, and is the only surviving member of the monster.


Cotton Buddy was introduced in Chapter V. He befriended Mortal, and seems to be good friends with him. Cotton Buddy seemed to disappear after that, though Mortal has implied he kept Cotton Buddy out of the fight with Cheisire Cat because he didn't want him to be hurt.

In Chapter VI, Cotton Buddy has become a good friend to Mortal. He seems to have become more intelligent, growling at Ace's new Ditto and Spoony Bard.

Relationship with MortalEdit

Cotton Buddy and Mortal seem to be good friends, with Mortal not really thinking of him as a pet, and instead as a friend and partner.


Not many of Cotton Buddy's abilities have been shown. His only known power is to suck things into it's Cotton body.

TCG Card TextEdit

Monster - Helper - Smoosh ♂

Bonus: 2

Cost: 2


Equip: You may swap any Item equipped to this Character for another from your hand.