Chapter VI: Mumnappers is is the current chapter of the Insane Quest. It is the second chapter to be semi-controlled by a player, having been won in a contest.


In an unknown location, an anthropomorphic shark is contacted by Nintendoki and hired to remove Luna's socks. The shark agrees.

After leaving the Infinite Trophy Case, Washington receives a letter from his mother inviting him to a family reunion. Nintendoki orders them to go and collect Washington's mother for his list. Smoosh arrives at Wafflesworth Manor, and they are introduced to Washington's family, most notably his brother, Irving. Irving shoots the breeze with them for awhile, and then they are directed to their rooms for the night.

In the middle of the night, Luna leaves the Manor and hires a Firefox to take her to Haruvia.

The next day, Smoosh wakes up to find Luna is missing. While in the middle of formulating a plan, Irving interrupts, asking where Luna is. When he discovers she's missing, he is visibly flustered and leaves immediately. While lounging in the Mansion, they are informed that Yvette has gone missing. Irving produces a crumpet as evidence that Washington is guilty.

The Wafflesworths begin chasing Smoosh through the Manor. While fleeing, Nico and Lupez are kidnapped by some tentacles, and the group encounters Perracious. Smoosh flees, with Perracious in tow. They wind up in a jungle area, where they have a brief fight with Theophrastus and win. Smoosh then winds up in the basement, where they find large piles of socks. They resolve to have a word with Irving Wafflesworth.

They enter his room and find a sock on his clothes. Irving walks in on them, says they can't prove anything, and attacks them. They defeat him easily, and they all wind up outside the Manor. Irving laughs and transforms into Super Irving, and Smoosh fights him again. Washington defeats him with his ultimate alchemical technique, the Penguin Punch.