Chapter II: Pirates vs. Ninjas 1 is the second chapter in the story.



The chapter begins with Smoosh flying through the sky. Suddenly their ship, the S.S. LUNASUX, is attacked by a marshmallow ship. They land on the ship and encounter its captain, Wafflemallow Lupez. Through a complex series of events, the LUNASUX is destroyed and the KreamKken is fused with Appa to form the S.S. Appa After defeating Captain Kuro, they meet Wyu, who is searching for Luna, and accompany him to the Kingdom of Smelly Grapefruit.

Pirates vs. NinjasEdit

After arriving in the Kingdom, Smoosh makes their way to Pinecone City and then the Temple of the Banana King. Unfortunately, Snow blows it up with an EPIC EXPLOSION. Then everybody is turned into a banana. Lupez cures their Bananaitis. Then they take a ride in a shoe with unicorns. Eventually, after much randomness, they finally reach Wyu's hideout in Pinecone City. They then wait until sunset so Luna can stop the giant magnifying glass.

Sakura and Jiraiya join them. As they prepare for their battle with the pirates, Jack Sparrow shows up, and they fight him for a little bit. Just as they're about to destroy the magnifying glass, the Straw-Hat Pirates show up!

Boss BattleEdit

Smoosh fights the Straw-Hats. *to be expanded*


Smoosh defeats the pirates, and the magnifying glass is destroyed. Wyu reveals himself to be a Sharkhorn Dragon, and gives them one of his scales (an item on the list), as well as giving Washington his ninja babe mansion.


-the "1" in the tile suggests that there will be a "Pirates vs. Ninjas 2", meaning that the sub-story introduced here may be further explored.

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