Bobby Kotick is the real-life CEO of Activision. In the RP, he is this as well as the former incarnation of Satan.

He served as the Boss of Chapter IV.


Bobby Kotick was shown to exist a long time ago, as he appeared in Luna's flashback.

According to Hades, sometime 2000 years ago Kotick took control of the The Underworld, fired Hades from his position as ruler, and he and his company Activision took over, renaming the realm "Hell". (It is implied that Jesus appointed Kotick to the position.) For two millenia Kotick ruled ruthlessly over Hell, creating a monopoly for Activision and turning it into a place of misery and despair.

Two thousand years after he began his rule, he stumbled upon Nico, who had fallen to hell after being killed by Sola Soulhawk. Kotick kidnapped her and made her his Queen (apparently the latest in a very long line), brainwashing her into silent obedience.

He met the current incarnation of Smoosh in Chapter IV, when their journey took them to the Ninth Circle of Hell in their mission to rescue Nico. After an epic battle, his true form was revealed as a Gollum, and Hades took control of Hell away from him. Kotick was last seen being kicked across the sky by Hades; it is unknown what happened to him afterwards or if he is still alive.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The only combat ability Kotick displayed in the boss fight was the ability to shoot Guitar Hero notes at our heroes, which could be countered by playing them. The only other attack he did was throwing his axe-tar at the heroes.


-he is the only Boss to have part of his battle timeskipped over.