Black-Cat Pirates


Chapter II only



The Black-Cat Pirates are/were(?) a flying pirate crew that rivaled Lupez and the Lemon Drop Pirates . Hailing from One Piece, they were led by the viscious Captain Kuro .

After their defeat in Chapter II, it is unknown if they are still operating.

Notable MembersEdit


Chapter II

In the beginning of Chapter II, Smoosh was being held prisoner aboard the KreamKken by the Lemon Drop Pirates, after Lupez's ship easily overpowered Appa .

In the midst of a mutiny by Ace and Frost , Captain Kuro and his (undescribed) flying airship arose from the lower sky and attacked the KreamKken. In the ship-to-ship battle that ensued, most of them were defeated by Lupez's pirates or Smoosh.

One member, Django, left the crew afterward and accompanied Smoosh for a short while.