Ben is the pet of Lori


Ben was created by Tron Bonne to be the 42nd servbot on her ship. He was created by some plasticy liquid-metal unlike all her other servbot creations and with capbilties that no other servbots couldn't do. Also, unlike her other servbot creations, Tron Bonne decied to add Tahu's mask for verity and plus something went wrong with his face.(You don't want to know.)

Ben quickly went on doing things that no servbot couldn't do, and Tron Bonne liking him more then the others. The other 41 servbots quickly got jealous of Ben and decied to get rid him. It wasn't for long when Ben started to be a pervert, which made Tron Bonne very angry. Which resulted Tron Bonne kicking him off the ship to some junkyard, ready to be melted. Lori quckly came to the rescue and Ben would forever would be loyal to her.


One of many Ben's atributes is to turn into different machines(ie: Cars, planes, robots, boats, robots and other machines). Ben was also equiped with strength unlike other servbots, within his arms. He carries Tahu's Fire sword and has the power of sheilding. also has the power to turn to a mecha.(Has yet to be seen)

Theme songEdit


TCG Card TextEdit

Robot - Helper - Smoosh ♂

Bonus: 2

Cost: 2


+1/-1/+0 Token: Tap.

-1/+1/+0 Token: Tap.

Equip: Tiebreaker


  • Ben was merely a reference of Bionicle which was created by Lego, and a servbot being resembling a Lego minfigure.(Get it? I just mixed both of the ideas!)
  • Like all Servbots Ben's favorite food is Curry Rice.
  • Blodia comes from a mecha name from the arcade game called Cyberbots.

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