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Ace is another member of Smoosh. Ace knows alot about his past but never explains it to anyone. For some odd reason he has an unlimited supply of gum. Ace seems to be great friends with Luna, Frost, and Mortal.

Ace disappeared for unknown reasons mutiple times, everytime he was different. The last time he left he got the ability to transform into a robot ninja.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Lightning AbilityEdit

Although Ace has never been seen using lightning in chapters 2-3 Ace had mentioned controlling lighting.

Fire AbilityEdit

Ace can freely control Fire and firebased elements.


Ace can shapeshift into things he has seen in the future, past and present. Ace once transformed into Luna to stop Luna from having to take a bath with Lopez.


Whats supposed to go here I wonder?


Ace's Bio is Unknown to everyone, Including Nintendoki who can't seem to find any record of Ace in any part of the Universe.c


  • The orgin of Ace's firepower is unknown. Some say it was when the nuke went off in Santa Destroy
  • Ace is the name of nearly every one of Finalhazard's characters.
  • Ace apparently killed his dad.
  • Ace Was part of some part of clan, or tribe.

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